Cost of Project


The project cost of the Lake of the Woods Community Arena is estimated at $7 million. An anonymous benefactor has taken the first step by gifting $6 million to help build our Lake of the Woods International Arena. We are looking to raise an additional $1 million through a capital campaign of pledges and contributions from individuals and business from the Lake of the Woods Community. By involving the school, the county, the city, local businesses, as well as private citizens, we are adding a new chapter to the legacy of strong community commitment that is part of what makes living here so meaningful to us.

Ongoing organizational sustainability is just as important as building the rink itself. We will offer yearly sponsorships with acknowledgment through aluminum light box signs in the rink, monitors throughout the Arena, and year-round LED outdoor signage on Hwy 11. The arena will also host other school athletics and gym classes, reunions, weddings and community events.

Property Taxes will Not be affected by the new facility


Finally, we will be aggressively pursuing tournaments which can – and do – bring in substantial financial resources not only to the arena, but also the community in the form of dollars spent at area motels, resorts, gas stations, restaurants, and stores. Regarding operating costs, we’ve consulted with North Star Electric Co-op, to make the LOW Community Arena as energy efficient and green as possible. This helps bring us up to the standards and requirements of today while simultaneously reducing utility costs. Present fund objectives provide for only the first sheet of ice. However, if another contributor were to step forward with matching funds, the second sheet would be constructed at the same time as the main building. The second sheet is already architecturally designed to attach to, and share facilities with, the proposed arena structure. We are asking you to join us and fellow community members to realize the dream of building the Lake of the Woods Community Arena. There are many ways you can contribute to the building of the LOW Community Arena and it’s easy to do. The most common contributions are either a one-time, lump sum donation or a pledge that is spread out over a defined period of time. You can also consider in-kind contributions and donations of interest on investments.

Various naming opportunities are available. All donations are tax deductible. The Lake of the Woods Community Arena is a 501c3 nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Minnesota. The purpose of this Corporation is to (a) oversee construction of the new arena and (b) to run the arena as a governing body. It’s important to note that property taxes will not be increased to build or maintain the Lake of the Woods Community Arena. To make a contribution, any one of the five board members can answer your questions, review pledge contribution plans and options, and guide you through the process. All funds will remain in an escrow account until actual construction begins.


  • Lake of the Woods School Contract
  • Endowment Fund
  • Youth Hockey
  • Curling Club
  • Men’s Hockey League
  • Gambling Funds
  • Tournaments
  • Advertising
  • Rentals

Ways I can Contribute

  • One-time, lump sum donation
  • Pledges spread over a defined period of time
  • Donation of interest on investments
  • In-kind donations

Sources of Revenue

  • Anonymous benefactor ($5 million)
  • Capital campaign of pledges and contributions from individuals
  • Fundraising
  • Grant opportunities

Naming Opportunities

  • Meeting Room
  • 6 Locker Rooms
  • High School Locker Room
  • Training Room
  • Business name on the seats in the arena area
  • Business name on the bleachers seats in the lobby
  • Building
  • Scoreboard
  • Zamboni – 5 year advertisement
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